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Vivienne Tanya Stephenson (Tanya Stephens for short), began recording in the late 1980s but wouldn’t make her break until nearly a decade later. Her first release on VP was the Fatis Burell produced “No More Lies” single in 1994, but her real move would come with songs found on her second album, Too Hype, in 1997. The album featured major hits in “Goggle,” which rode Anthony Kelly and Patrick Roberts’ popular “Cloak And Dagger” riddim, and “You Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet,” which rode Dave Kelly’s “Joyride” riddim. Despite her dancehall credentials and comparisons to Lady Saw, her best-known track to date is “It’s A Pity,” a slinky rub-a-dub reggae tune, later found on the Gangsta Blues album on VP. She has four albums in total on VP, most recently with Rebelution in 2006.

Tanya Stephens (born Vivienne Stephenson on July 2, 1973) was one of the most promising female reggae artists to emerge in the late ’90s. Stephens caught her big break in 1996, when her ladies anthem, “Yuh Nuh Ready fi Dis Yet,” caused quite a stir (later spotlighted on the Reggae Gold 1997 compilation), as she soon after began working with such acclaimed producers as Barry O’Hare, Bobby “Digital” Dixon, Harvel “Gadaffi” Hart, and Dave and Tony Kelly. Future singles followed, including “Draw fi Mi Finger,” “Freaky Type,” and “Cry and Bawl,” as well as the full-length releases Too Hype in 1997 and Ruff Rider a year later (Stephens also contributed backing vocals on Garnett Silk’s 1998 release Journey). She then moved to Sweden and began recording a series of alternative rock tracks. Unhappy with her new direction, she returned to reggae in 2004 with Gangsta Blues and its big hit single “Boom Wuk.” The ambitious Rebelution appeared in 2006 with female empowerment as its focus.




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