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U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Spotify’s Marian Lee Dicus and Jeremy Erlich, VP’s Pat Chin to Speak at A2IM’s Indie Week 2021!

(repost from Variety Magazine) U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Spotify’s Marian Lee Dicus and Jeremy Erlich and VP Record’s Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin will be keynotes at A2IM’s Indie Week, which will be taking place virtually from June 14 through June 17. Indie Week will feature four days of keynotes, workshops, panels, and international networking opportunities. According to the announcement, the speakers “are poised to offer perspectives on the organization’s three…

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All Hail Reggae’s First Lady!

It’s 1961 in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Inside the disused Charlie Moo’s restaurant on 17 North Parade, an eight-by-ten foot space throngs with punters and musicians, here to buy records imported from America alongside the obscure new sounds beginning to emerge from the island. This is Randy’s Record Mart. Sound clashers pluck turntable needles from the walls, American wholesalers stop by for patty and soup that bubbles on the stove, barefoot…

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Rude Girl Rocks: Meet The 83-year-old Reggae Matriarch Who Brought Jamaican Music to the World!

From The independent.co.uk When it comes to Jamaican music, Patricia Chin has heard it all. The 83-year-old, known as “Miss Pat”, has been a fixture of the island’s music industry for over 60 years. Today she runs VP Records, the world’s largest reggae music and distribution company, making her a crucial music mogul for the island’s music. DJ Kool Herc, who along with his sister Cindy Campbell is considered the…

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