Spice Talks New Album ‘Ten,’ Working With Sean Paul & Shaggy: “I’m So Grateful!”

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The music business is a global breeding ground for ambition and enterprise, but arguably nowhere more so than Jamaica. The dancehall superstar Spice gets hers from a basic, upsetting truth: her scene has been pillaged for musical riches without getting the global credit it deserves.

“We’re still ambitious because it’s been around for three decades and there are still artists trying to be impactful and known there,” she proclaims to “I would say we are very ambitious to still be going after 30 years, 40 years.” Rather than be hobbled by these hurdles, she went on to be unstoppable in the dancehall scene — and work with two of mainstream reggae’s leading lights.

Indeed, Shaggy and Sean Paul appear together for the first time ever on Spice’s new single, “Go Down Deh,” which just cracked 20 million views on YouTube. The percolating tune is included on her new album, Ten, which will be released on her birthday, August 6.

True to its title, the 15-track collection was in limbo for a decade due to label tumult. Now, listeners can hear her message loud and clear: Dancehall and reggae are for everyone, and it all began in Jamaica. caught up with Spice over Zoom about her rags-to-riches story, why the world of dancehall is far richer than most give it credit for and how she feels now that Ten is finally on the horizon.

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