Industry Focus:  Event Promoter Andrea Bullens

VP:      How did you get your start in the music business / business of entertainment?

AB:      My time in the Entertainment business started in the late 1987 producing ‘Fashion & Music” events with my former business partner ‘Jackie Wright (deceased).   We staged shows around the city.  Jackie passed and I continued as a solo Event Promoter.

My most memorable sole music project was a ‘After Work Reggae Vibration in the early 2000’s at a place called Satalla on 28th Street, NYC.  Each week we had a live reggae show and had the likes of Frankie Paul, Johnny Osbourne, Sister Carol, Meditations, Glen Washington, Cedric Brooks, Princess Menen, New Kingston Band.  A host of local musician would pass through weekly and inevitible would turn into a jam sessions weekly.


VP:      What was your most notable breakthrough?

AB:      Groovin In The Park Concert.  The conversations and intent to stage this event started in 2009 with CEO, Chris Roberts to formulate Groovin In The Park Concert.  In 2011 we launched the first staging, then called ‘Reggae Rhythm and Blues’.  We rebranded with new team in 2012 to  ‘Groovin In the Park Concert, a day of Reggae Rhythm and Blues’.  Like any new brand it took time to mature as we watch the anticipation and the numbers grow each year.  Our most notable breakthrough was in 2014 when we had  20,000 attendees.  Groovin contines to grow annually and 10 years later is a household name and has grown to be the largest outdoor concert in North America.   It’s been the longest most consistent music production in the NYC area.  The brand has maintain quality and has earned the respect of the community and corporations alike.  I’m proud to be a founding member.


VP:      What projects are you working on now or have just wrapped?

AB:      In 2019 I launched the Westchester Reggae Music Festival at The Capitol Theatre, in Westchester County with a focus of staging more reggae event north of the city.  We presented Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Ken Booth backed by Derrick Barnette band and introduced the International Women In Reggae (IWIR).  The intent of the Westchester Music brand is to fill the void of the sparce presence of consistent live reggae music north of the city.  We took a obvious Covid break but are back Friday, Nov 26th at the Music Hall in Tarrytown NY with a Reggae Jazz presentation with the World Renown Pianist Monty Alexander and Special guest.  The show is highly anticipated as our city begins to reopen and people get used to gathering in the same space for live shows.


VP:      What projects are planned for the future?

AB:      We have plans to continue to develop the Westchester brand to more regular staging of large and small events and eventually add a annual outdoor concert to the series.  We’ve been talking to the county and are optimistic of the potential growth and the future.


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