IN HONOR OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, JAH9 RELEASES THE VIDEO FOR “HEAVEN”- An Exhibition of Womanhood through Art, Fashion and Scenery

“‘Heaven’ is a seamless blend of old and new, exhibiting the timeless nature of Jah9’s musical quality and message.” – Rootfire.   

-In celebration of International Women’s Day, VP Records artist Jah9 is releasing a great exhibition for such an important event. At 12pm EST, the visual for her song “Heaven” will be available to watch on YouTube. The incredibly dynamic visual highlights the wonders of womanhood through fashion, scenery and art. The singer will also be taking her music and Yoga on the road as she embarks on a Spring tour. (Dates below)  

Directed by Fernando F. Hevia (RoryStoneLove, Kabaka Pyrmaid) and styled by top Jamaican designer/stylist Flower Child 1999, (featured in Marie Claire / Vanity fair), the video has no shortage on vintage and modern fashions with a Janelle Monet meets Beyonce aesthetic.  

With visuals of sovereignty and empowering lyrics of black femininity, a sample of the lyrics state: “The sacrifices our people made, The reparations are still not paid, But my potential is unrestrained.” Here, Jah9 encapsulates the modern age black woman by encouraging them to not let the past stop them from moving forward.  

“When I think of Womanwhood, I think about the things that we have in common, which is, our functions, our cycles. We deal with the ebb and flow of emotions like the tide because we are so affected by it, because we have cycles,” said Jah9. I think about the struggles that we have in common. The perception of being held down and the way the world is not really designed to facilitate the highest potential that we have. Which means we are forced to rise above our circumstances. It’s like Marcus Garvey said about not knowing the self until the back is against the wall and women kind of by default, end up with our backs against the wall. But it does provide an opportunity for us to excel beyond what would be imaginable if things were easier”

Jah9 is a versatile and talented female Jamaican musician, motivational speaker, poet, activist, certified Kemetic Yoga instructor and advocate for overall wellness. Her music is laced with powerful messages that enlighten listeners on mindfulness and healthy living. Her healthy living anthem “Feel Good” was the lead single from her “Feelings” EP released last year. The single was also featured on VP Records “Strictly the Best Vol. 58″ which came out January 2019.  

Ahead of her new album to be released on VP Records this summer, she is on tour March and April with stops at various venues and Festivals in Florida, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, Louis, MO, Memphis and concluding in Austin Texas at the Austin Reggae Festival.  

Spring Tour Dates  

Mar 15 | Miami Reggae Fest | Miami, FL 
Mar 16 | Island Sunrise | Merritt Island, FL
Mar 17 | Reggae Rise Up | St Petersburg, FL
Mar 19 | La Respuesta | Puerto Rico 
Mar 21 | YOGA on DUB | Atlanta, GA 
Mar 22 | Shrine of the Black Madonna | Atlanta, GA
Apr 11 | Wild Hare | Chicago IL
Apr 12 | Africa House Lounge And Café | Louisville, KY 
Apr 13 | Ludlow’s Garage | Cincinnati, OH
Apr 14 | The Fellowship | Louis, MO
Apr 16 | YOGA ON DUB | God Body Fitness and Nutrition // Memphis, TN
Apr 17 The Hi Tone | Memphis, TN
Apr 20 | Austin Reggae Festival | Austin, TX  

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